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Regattas & Club Events

March 12, 2024  Master's Evening Practice returns to on-water rowing 

April 1, 2024  Master's Annual & Short Season 2024 memberships begin

April 13-14, 2024  Quamichan Lake Regatta (Junior Event)

Location: Quamichan Lake, Duncan

Description: This 1500m race is intended to provide racing experience to new athletes, and to those with 2-3 years experience. It is primarily attended by athletes from Vancouver Island. Athletes attend for the race experience, and for the relaxed atmosphere that allows a balance between focusing on racing and fun. This event usually feeds into the progression of regattas every two weeks on Vancouver Island between April and June, with many of the same athletes attending the series.

April 16, 2024  Adult Learn-to-Row #1 starts

April 26-28, 2024  Brentwood Regatta (Junior event)

Location: Brentwood College School (2735 Mt Baker Rd, Mill Bay, BC)

Description: The 1500m Brentwood Regatta has been held annually since 1971. This international event is attended by Junior rowers from schools and clubs across BC and the Pacific Northwest of the US. For many, this is the pinnacle event of the Spring season, and it also functions as the qualification regatta for Canadian crews to qualify for Windermere Cup. Aside from the racing, people attend for the experience of the regatta – teams sleep in the gym or classrooms at the school and spend their entire regatta weekend on the campus with on-land events planned throughout the days and evenings.

May 10-12, 2024  Shawnigan Lake Regatta (Junior Event)

Location: Shawnigan Lake School (1975 Renfrew Rd, Shawnigan Lake, BC)

Description: This 2000m regatta is for high school athletes racing for their clubs or schools. It is the last big local regatta on Vancouver Island in the Spring season, and a final chance for a tune up before some teams head to the Canadian Secondary School Regatta. Athletes attending this regatta will often first attend the Maple Bay Regatta and Brentwood Regatta, then attend the Shawnigan Lake Regatta, possibly before attending the Canadian Secondary School Regatta. Participants come from across BC. Hosted in a park, this regatta has a garden picnic atmosphere that is nice for spectators.

May 14, 2024  Adult Learn-to-Row # 2 starts

May 25, 2024  Sprints at Nanaimo (Junior and Master Event)

Location: Long Lake, Nanaimo

Description: This 1000m event was created as an opportunity to end the Spring season specifically for JR athletes not planning to attend the Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association Regatta. While performance athletes are welcome, the focus is on the development of novice and JV athletes. This regatta is being expanded to also include opportunities for SR and MA athletes looking for additional race opportunities at this point in the season. For JR athletes, this event is a sister event to the Delta Deas Scholastic Regatta.

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