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How everything started at NRC


During the early 90’s some local teens were interested in trying the sport of rowing. There were no clubs, facilities or opportunities for the activity on the Island - north of Maple Bay. Initially Darryl Innes (charter President), encouraged and supported by Madge Taylor, spent several months identifying local and BC resources, individuals and a potential venue. Three public meetings were held in Spring/Fall 1992 to interest students, parents and former rowers in the idea of a rowing club for Nanaimo.

Canada’s success at the 1992 Summer Olympics (Barcelona) provided extra inspiration for the formation of the Nanaimo club. Brenda Taylor (raised in Nanaimo) was a 1992 double gold medal Olympic winner on Canada’s National Rowing Team. Her encouragement and support when home for visits were a key component to the successful launch of the club (Chartered Dec. 17, 1992).



​The club’s inaugural location was Long Lake, sharing boathouse facilities with the kayak/canoe club and using a collection of donated and loaned equipment (Taylor, Neilsen, Myrfield singles, the Takonite 4, and coach/safety boat). Charter member, Dave Parfitt, took on the challenge of repairing and maintaining this disparate fleet. It was not until the second year the club purchased a new quad from Drew Harrison. This was one of the first Chinese manufactured shells imported to Canada and were shipped in two pieces to fit into shipping containers.

Andy Tzvetcoff (charter member) provided initial expertise for organizing coaching/rowing in 1993 followed in 1994 by Peter Nolan from/of Hampshire, England. In the same year Peter’s brother Tony Nolan donated a flat bed trailer which Peter and other members fabricated into a rowing shell trailer. Peter’s coaching combined with the new mobility allowed our juniors to compete and put in a very good showing at our first regatta at Delta Deas...  


As they say – the rest is History!!!!

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