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What is a Regatta

A regatta is a series of boat races, and for the Vancouver Island Rowing Clubs, it’s a time of competition and personal challenge. Starting at the beginning of April and occurring every two weeks until the end of May, these events bring together athletes from across the island to test their skills and endurance against one another. It’s not just about speed; it’s about strategy, teamwork, and pushing oneself to the limits. The regatta offers a platform for rowers to showcase their dedication to the sport and their desire to excel, making it a much-anticipated part of the rowing calendar on Vancouver Island.

What Should I Bring

Every Regatta is different and often much of what I bring is not required, but here is a suggested packing list for regattas, much of can be left in the car.  Parking can be tricky so it is sometimes not easy to dash out and pick something up between races).  At some locations the ground can get very wet and muddy and it is hard to keep feet dry

  1. Rowing uniform or bike shorts and leggings and a Nanaimo rowing t shirt (duplicates if possible in case rower gets wet), a long sleeved shirt and a water bottle they can bring in boat.

  2. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, rain jacket, loose sweatpants (some races require rower to be out waiting to race for a while on water and they wear this out and slide them off before race while out on water), extra socks, flip flops or slides in case a wet entry is required , hoodies, heated vests are nice to keep warm in cooler weather between races.

  3. Towel, change of underwear, warm clothes and warm jacket and toque in case your rower gets wet or cold between races, warm rain boots and/or heavy socks in case feet get wet.

  4. Chairs and blanket to sit and keep warm between races.

  5. Binoculars to watch races  (not necessary but fun).

  6. Fully charged phone or charger, card game to play in between races if interested.

  7. Lots of snacks and a lunch depending on schedule, water, hot or cold drinks (some places have hot food and drinks available and others don’t so it is good to be prepared.

What to do when you arrive

  1. Arrive early…. Parking is often more time consuming than expected, may need to drop off rowers and then park and bring accessories later or leave them in car and get them later. Sometimes you have to park a few blocks away

  2. Look for boat trailer and find coach, tent may or may not be already set up depending on arrival time

  3. Rig up boat and use bathroom, and get ready to race.

Have lots of fun with your teammates! Race days are exciting and a wonderful time for team building.

NRC Tent.jpg

Check Your Results

Parents and athletes looking to stay updated on regatta results can access real-time data through a dedicated website. By visiting Regatta Data Services at, users can find up-to-the-minute results and performance metrics.  Normally, right after an athlete crosses the finish line the results are published within a few minutes.  This resource ensures that everyone involved can track progress, compare times, and celebrate achievements as they happen, fostering a connected and informed rowing community.

Are there any other useful links

Yes. Please click on the links below for more info.

Regatta Data (Rowing Data System) - get real time and historical results of each individual race.


Rowing Canada Aviron - Check the upcoming regattas.


Concept 2 - they make ergs and oars. Useful information on rowing technique.

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